Private events/Special events

Dining in the dark is not only available for our regular dining customers that want to visit one of our regular locations.

Any of our dining in the dark locations can be booked for private events - all in the dark.

Our capacities:
Santa Monica - 40 guests
San Diego - 90 guests
San Francisco - 50 guests

Besides our regular locations Opaque can setup 'Dining in the dark' at any suitable location anywhere in the US or even anywhere in world.

Our setup is mobile and has in past been shipped to cities like NYC, Miami, Dallas, Durham, Orlando and many more for private dining in the dark event with as many as 450 guests. All in the dark!

Whether it is for a fundraiser or a corporate function to promote crew bonding or team building, dining in the dark has proven over successful to a lot of businesses and will remain talked about for a long time by your guests.

In order to get an idea on how to bring Opaque's 'journey of senses' to your event contact:
Chris Lynch
Phone: 720 938 0382

Past Clients:
Walt Disney Company
Columbia Pictures
Foundation Fighting Blindness
Blindness Support Services Riverside
Alphapointe Association
Seva Foundation