What is Opaque?

Arriving in California on the crest of the latest dining trend sweeping through Europe, based on an ingenious European concept that has enjoyed great popularity in cities like Berlin, Paris, and Vienna the first ever “Dining in the Dark” experience is now available in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco

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Just imagine, that you can not see for an hour or two, that you are abandoning vision in exchange for a new, multi-sensual dining experience. Opaque is enhancing our sense of taste, smell, touch, and hearing by abandoning one that we often take for granted – this is “Dining in the Dark”.

Brought to you by Opaque, the dining in the dark experience allows you to willingly plunge into a world of sensitivity you have never experienced before, taking you through a journey of taste, sound and touch, all in the dark.

Opaque - Dining in the Dark – will seat you in a literally pitch-black dining room where you will be guided and served by blind or visually impaired individuals that have been specially trained to serve meals in the dark, casually and comfortably offering guidance and reassurance for sighted guests.

Upon arriving at the Dining in the Dark venue, you will be welcomed in a lighted lounge area where you will pick from a specially prepared menu (designed by a sighted local ‘star’ chef), and we check your coat or bag as you don't need anything but your senses. Once you have ordered, you will be personally guided into the darkened dining room. Special security measures are taken to make your experience both safe and enjoyable.

Whether you have been seen enough and want to hide in the dark, or just want to experience dining on a higher level – Opaque – Dining in the Dark - caters to the senses and a deeper consciousness. Not just a meal, but a truly unique, sensual experience.

Dining in the Dark takes place at our various locations on a recurring basis.

For more information, please visit our website at www.darkdining.com to check event dates, directions or book your journey. Or call us at 1(800) 710 1270.

Don’t be afraid of the dark! Come explore a whole new world of the senses with Opaque - Dining in the Dark - and find out what you’ve been missing - after all, the best things in life are not always what you see!